A young girl named Nubbin (played by Elizabeth "EG" Daily), who is eager to go to school and learn, wakes up one morning and walks into a world of talking animals, vegetables, and letters, known as Tucked Away.  She quickly learns that this hidden treasure is a vacationing place for all LETTERS from all over the world, then spending each day searching for ways to help protect and keep Tucked Away hidden from Sammy The Snake and the rest of the world in this hybrid combination of animation and education from CW Studios.

Nubbin & Friends is a half hour tv animated kid series.  Our target audience is Pre-K to 3rd Grade. Nubbin and Friends not only entertains, but also educates using alphabets, numbers, and word spelling throughout every episode.

Nubbin is a 4 year old little girl, who lives on a farm with her granddad.  She is very eager to go to school like all of the other kids.  Despite not being old enough, Nubbin discovers a world that will not only teach her about school, but will educate her about the appreciation of life as a whole.

Film, TV, and ANIMATION production studios in Atlanta , GA

Nubbin is voiced by the beautiful and talented Elizabeth "EG" Daily.


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