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As a child, West would always watch HBO at his grandmother's house in East Texas. It was there, at the age of 12, where he gained inspiration to want to write and produce movies. In May of 1989, West produced a :30 second commercial with his classmates, LaDeitra Adkins, Sonya Jones, Lelalois Hudson-Beard, for New York Seltzer and won first place in the State of Texas out of 400 submissions, under the leadership of Jim Hall. He and his classmates were recognized by the school district (Dallas.I.S.D.), The City Of Dallas, and The State of Texas Legislature. Although West studied still photography and cinematography as teenager at Skyline High School (1986-1990), it was decades later before he decided to make filming his full-time occupation. He attended Cedar Valley Community College for Audio and Recording Technology in 1995 and attended Dallas Baptist University in 1998 for Business and Communications. In 2009, West sought outlets for his film creativeness in Atlanta, Ga.



Born 21 May 1972, Naples, Tx, although raised in Dallas, Tx, USAFilming with such a creative eye and strong direction, Charles' style displays many influences. Some of them come from within the genre of drama and suspense, notably the work of M. Night Shyamalan, while others are external. He customarily uses creative shots with subtle movements, giving it what he likes to calls it as "...that cinematic look and feel. "His range of influences, from drama, suspense, comedy, to action makes him both hard to classify and more accessible to the wider audience for film projects. More commercially successful than most cinematographers in the Atlanta, Ga. Market, West's work consistently appealed to screenplay writers and television producers. By the end of filming his 2nd feature film (2010), starring  movie veterans; Robin Givens and Greg Alan Williams, it was clear he was here to stay and that his reputation as a well respected filmmaker by this time was firmly established. West has filmed for The White House, NIKE, TV One, The CW Network, AOL, BET, CBS, Georgia Public Broadcasting, PBS, and Volkswagen just to name a few. He recently filmed 8 episodes of 'Lauren Lake's Paternity Court', currently on the The CW Network. West is currently working on his animation project: Nubbin & Friends featuring celebrities such as John Amos, Loretta Devine, Elizabeth Daily, Jason Weaver, Lisa Wu, and many more... 

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